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Ariel is a passionate personal trainer, behavioral change specialist and licensed massage therapist with over a decade of experience helping people from all walks of life achieve their health and wellness goals. Ariel believes that a holistic approach to health is key, and has incorporated this into her coaching, massage and wellness retreats. She understands that living a full, balanced life requires work on the mind, body, and spirit, and strives to help her clients find harmony within themselves. Whether your goal is to get fit, reduce stress, adopt a more positive mindset, or deepen your connection to spirituality and nature; Ariel has a program for you.


Ariel is a revolutionary in the coaching industry. She takes online and in person coaching to a new level by providing 100% customized programs that meet the needs of her clients. No experience is the same with Motivational Madness, and you can feel confident knowing you are working with someone whose primary goal is to help make you feel better about the skin you’re in. Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part.

Let Ariel help guide you to a healthier and happier you!


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Change starts in the mind and can be the biggest obstacle when it comes to creating lasting change. Through mindset and behavior change coaching Ariel has helped many clients tap into their own hidden potentials to help them overcome obstacles and bust through plateaus.

Programs available:
Mindful Madness: 7 Week self-paced course on mastering mindset and manifesting a life you love.

1:1 Behavior Change Coaching: Meet 1x week for 60 minutes to deep dive specific behaviors you are looking to change. Example: Self sabotage, procrastination, people pleasing etc


Fitness plays a huge role in living a healthy and happy life. Ariel specializes in functional training with a focus on stabilizing the body before strengthening it.


Programs available:
Mountain Madness
: 6 Week self-paced fitness program to help you build strength, burn fat, and connect with nature.

1:1 Fitness Coaching: Meet 1-3x per week for a 60 minute customized workout

Customized Program: Meet 1x month for 60 minutes and follow a customized weekly workout program

Massage Therapy: Massage Therapy offered out of Om Wellness Utah


No matter your spirituality Ariel believes it is important to recognize there is a higher power out there that wants you to be successful. She relies heavily on her own spirituality and faith to help her run her business and channel content/courses for her clients.

Programs Available:
1:1 Spiritual and Life Coaching:

Meet 1x a week for 60 minutes, unlimited Voxer Coaching, client specific.

Retreats: Empowering women to reconnect to their inner bada$$ & reclaim power over life.


“I’ve known Ariel for a long time. I’ve trained with her for many years off and on since 2015. Ariel always knew how to push me and make me work my butt off. Figuratively of course since more booty was the whole idea. So when she finally launched her own programs, I had to be part of it.

It’s certainly impressive to have someone kick your butt while not even being there. I haven’t worked out with her in a long time. The one on one assessment before getting started with Mountain Madness was key to the program. She could see what my body was doing before sending out the videos. This helped because she knew what I was capable of doing and not doing. She was able to coach me effectively because of the one on one. Whenever I had questions about something in the program or even not about the program, Ariel was there. She let me know ways to make it harder. And ways to make it easier if needed.

In the five years that I have known this person, she has taught me more than I ever thought she would. She’s been a friend I never knew that I needed.

Where ever, whenever and however I can, I will find a way to learn from this woman I will.

There is always so much more to learn and even though I’m finished with Mountain Madness, my journey with Ariel is never over! On to the next one!”

-Becca C.

“ I was one of the first people to sign up with Ariel’s programs because I believe in her and I know she’s the best in everything she does. I trained a long time with her in Columbia at Anytime Fitness and she kicks your butt! She’s one of a kind and if anyone gets a chance to train with her or sign up for other programs with her I promise you won’t regret it. Ariel is one of a kind and she genuinely cares about her clients. “

Karen E.

“Ariel and her Mountain Madness program has been the catalyst for me to finally get beyond what had been a huge barrier in my life of fitness. Due to a back injury that has lingered for almost two years, I finally realized I HAD to modify the way I exercised into something that I could actually do. I realized I couldn’t do this by myself. With Ariel’s expertise, not only am I finally feeling fit again, my back has felt much better with very little pain as I have become stronger again. I CAN DO A NORMAL PLANK AND PUSH UP AGAIN! I do this all at home without the need for a gym! This may not seem like much, but for me it feels victorious. I highly recommend Mountain Madness or any other program that Ariel offers. She is AMAZING!”

-Lori H.

“Prior to working out with Ariel, my workouts were primarily cardio based (eg; hiking, elliptical, paddle boarding). I had never really done any strength/resistance training. I knew I needed more from my workouts, but had no desire to join a gym and use the weight machines/free weights. I’m more motivated to work out when I don’t have to drive somewhere to do it in front of a bunch of strangers.

When I saw Mountain Madness it drew me in because it included the strength training that I knew I wanted, it could be done from anywhere, it didn’t require much equipment at all, and there was an element of personalization. Ariel set up a one on one with me before the official Mountain Madness videos dropped, which was great because I really needed the initial one to one instruction since I had never worked out this way before. The weekly live Q&A sessions were also great and provided additional helpful information. Ariel was very quick to respond to any questions/concerns I had outside of the live Q&A sessions as well.

Throughout the program I was able to stay motivated and really enjoyed the workouts. They were very challenging, but also manageable since Ariel provided suggested modifications to ensure that the exercises fit your personal needs. After finishing the program, I can say that I can feel a huge difference in myself. The workouts (while still challenging!) have become easier for me as I have gained strength, which has allowed me to push myself further by adding weights or doing some of the suggested modifications to make the exercises more challenging. Overall, an excellent program that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good strength training program!”

-Kimberly J.